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150 Years of Treaty #3: A Landmark Anniversary in Anishinaabe History

Anishinaabe Nation Commemorates the Signing of Treaty #3

Today, on October 3rd, 2023, Anishinaabe communities commemorate a fundamental moment in history — the 150th anniversary of the signing of Treaty #3. This living and sacred document symbolizes the enduring relationship between Anishinaabe Peoples and the Crown. It is a time to honor the wisdom, resilience, and cultural traditions of our Anishinaabe ancestors who negotiated this treaty, and to look forward to continuing to work together in mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation for a better future for all.

Treaty #3: A Historical Milestone

Treaty #3, also known as the "Northwest Angle Treaty," was signed near Northwest Angle of Lake of the Woods. The sacred document was based on mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation. It recognized the rights of Anishinaabe peoples to their ancestral lands and guaranteed their ability to continue traditional practices such as hunting, fishing, and gathering.

In return, Anishinaabe signatories agreed to share the land and its resources with settlers as siblings, laying the groundwork for peaceful coexistence and cooperation between Anishinaabe nations and newcomers to the region.

A Legacy of Unity and Collaboration

The legacy of Treaty #3 extends far beyond its 150-year history. Today, it serves as a symbol of cooperation, unity, and reconciliation between Anishinaabe communities and the Crown. The treaty is fundamental and influential to all  aspects of society, including natural resource management, education, healthcare, and economic development.

As we commemorate this historic anniversary, we pay tribute to the wisdom and resilience of our Anishinaabe ancestors who negotiated this treaty. We also celebrate the everlasting treaty partnership between Anishinaabe Peoples and the Crown and reaffirm our commitment to working together in mutual respect and understanding.

A Better Future for All

The 150th anniversary of Treaty #3 reminds us of the importance of continuing to build a better future for all. It is a time to reflect on the progress made and the work that lies ahead. Anishinaabe communities within Treaty #3 territory and across the region continue to assert their rights and sovereignty, while governments at all levels work to fulfill their commitments as treaty partners.

As we commemorate this living and sacred document, we look forward to a future where the principles of Treaty #3 continue to guide us toward a better tomorrow. In the spirit of unity and cooperation, we honor the legacy of our ancestors and commit to working together for as long as the sun will shine and the water runs.  

More information about the commemoration of the 150th anniversary can be found online.

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