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Celebrating Earth Day with fun activities (5 photos)

Red Lake students had the opportunity to participate in a variety of Earth Day activities.

RED LAKE -- The Red Lake Francophone Association held a day of French activities for Earth Day at the Red Lake Recreation Centre last week.

Every event the RLFA puts on, they try to follow a theme. The idea behind this activity day was to celebrate Earth Day, so earth friendly themed games and crafts were planned. The RLFA used to organize French activities on PD days on a regular basis before the pandemic, as many of the kids in attendance have parents that work on such days. This way the kids have a French option for childcare on those days.  Parents are very happy these PD Day activities have resumed.

“It’s all about practicing French, learning and playing in French,” Says Breton-Plouffe, “Many of the local kids think that French only exists at school.”

The cost of the event was $10, and a total of 21 kids attended the activity day. The RLFA events are run mostly by volunteers. This event was run by Marielle Pellerin, Trinity St.Onge (highschool student) with the help of Agathe Breton-Plouffe; and a special guest, biologist Renee Pellerin Bausch came to do a presentation for the kids. 

The day started with some colouring, and followed with some cooperative games. After the games, the Earth Day presentation began. Pellerin Bausch put on a slideshow about different animals, conservation efforts and other earth friendly initiatives that she encounters in her career and in the Red Lake area. She then brought in some animal skeletons for the kids to look at. She also had owl pellets that the kids picked through with tweezers and magnifying glasses which allowed them to identify what they found in it with the help of a chart.

After the presentation, the kids got to make a bird feeder out of recycled milk cartons. Then, everyone got together to play music, each using their own instruments.

The day finished up with some outside play, a slime making craft, more games, and each kid getting to plant marigold and sunflower seeds into little cups that they took home.

“We know that the PD days are a big hit, and we have plans to do more events like this in the future,“ says Breton-Plouffe.

The RLFA hopes to have another French activity day on the  next PD Day come June.

Sarah Desforges

About the Author: Sarah Desforges

Sarah Desforges is a reporter living in Northwestern Ontario.
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